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graduate, student life, transition, Alex Ramsden, Kettle Mag
The end of the student experience
Alex Ramsden reflects on the transition from student to post graduate, and what happens from here.
collaboration, creativity, networking, Nour Hassaine, Kettle Mag
How the Ssshake app can help you network
Nour Hassaine looks at the new app Ssshake and what it means for creativity and collaboration.
dissertation, university, student life, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Five tips for a quality dissertation
Need some help developing a quality dissertation? Alex Veeneman has some advice.
Spring, seasons, student life, lifestyle, Hayley Scott, Kettle Mag
Nine reasons to love Spring
Hayley Scott gives us nine reasons why Spring is a wonderful time of the year.
friendship, university, best friend, student life, Jasmine Parr, Kettle Mag
5 tips to keep your close friendship strong at uni
Jasmine Parr gives advice on how to keep your relationship with your best friend intact while you're at uni.
flower, Spring, seasons, life, Jasmine Parr, Kettle Mag
Spring has finally sprung
Jasmine Parr explains why Spring is her favourite time of the year.
Graduation, university, student life, Lauren Maskrey, Kettle Mag
Why my time at uni is important to me
Lauren Maskrey reflects on her experience at Staffordshire University.
Gender WordCloud
My Degree Explained: Gender Studies MA
Olivia Morris gives insight into what a masters in Gender Studies encompasses and why it's so important.
The life of a commuting student
Hayley Scott considers life as a commuting student, and why there are more pros than cons to it.
graduation, university, degree, women, Tayler Finnegan, Kettle Mag
Women's History Month: Women in education
In honor of Women's History Month, Tayler Finnegan looks at one of the most influential women you've never heard of: the first to graduate with a degree.