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Supporting your parent in their remarriage
May Loonam considers reactions on supporting a parent in a decision to remarry.
single life, relationships, Beth Thomas, Kettle Mag
Why I love the single life
Beth Thomas tells us why she loves being single.
The benefits of period sex
Period sex has been much talked about lately and is very controversial- Stephanie Hallson explains the benefits of it and why you should give it a go.
A guide to styling out single-dom this Valentine's Day
Gerard Jones shares tips on how to stay distracted during the month of love.
Does your relationship have a price tag?
Lifestyle Editor Emmi Bowles finds out how the amount we spend on our valentines decreases year after year.
“Offline” Dating Tips
Holly Barry looking into how to meet people offline this Valentines.
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Are you really missing your ex - or are you missing intimacy?
When a relationship comes to an end, no matter who has done the dumping, there’s always a feeling of emptiness - so how are you supposed to cope?
Expectation vs Reality: Are online images of ‘perfect’ relationships a misrepresentation of real life?
We’ve all seen them. Whether it’s on tumblr, pinterest, Instagram or twitter, our feeds are full of mesmerising photographs of the ‘perfect’ couple or the ‘perfect’ date. Do they affect us more than we realise?
Tinderella - The first date after heartbreak
It's been a quiet few weeks on the real-life dating front for Billie, so join her as she recounts her first date after a painful break-up.