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survey, voting, politics, Stephanie Hallson, Kettle Mag
How to register to vote
Stephanie Hallson lets you know how to register to vote and tells you all about the registration options and processes.
European Union, France, UK, elections, politics, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
France, Britain and the EU factor
Alex Veeneman looks at the result of the first round of France's presidential elections, and what they mean as Britain prepares to go to the polls.
heels, dress codes, government, politics, Amy Taylor, Kettle Mag
Government reject dress code change campaign
The government has rejected a petition calling on changes to dress codes. Amy Taylor explains.
MOAB, politics, United States, William Sancroft, Kettle Mag
MOAB and Trump's authorisation
Political editor William Sancroft considers the implications of the US releasing the MOAB and what it means for American leadership.
Sean Spicer, White House, politics, William Sancroft, Kettle Mag
Sean Spicer's slip-ups
Political editor William Sancroft looks at Sean Spicer's recent slip ups with the media.
Women in San Francisco protesting for their right to vote.
How have women's protests changed history?
Amy Taylor discusses how the Women's March in January was no exception to the past, whereby women have continuously been forced to protest for their rights and change the political landscape.
Cartoon Trump
How the West was Lost - The Real Reason Trump Won
As the election year comes to an end people scramble around wondering how the impossible became possible, a presidential victory for Trump.
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, politics, United States, Lana Guy, Kettle Mag
5 controversial moments of the US presidential campaign
Lana Guy looks back on the 2016 US election, highlighting the most controversial aspects of the two presidential campaigns.
Kettlemag Shauna Crossan Hilary Clinton
Make Women Nasty Again
The battle cry, "Nasty Woman," for Hilary Clinton's campaign was accidentally created by Trump after the latest debate.
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn
Where next for Labour?
After Jeremy Corbyn's decisive re-election as Labour leader, Cameron Ridgway considers the path ahead for the party.