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easter eggs, chocolate, health, Serena Reidy, Kettle Mag
Six surprising benefits of chocolate
Serena Reidy lists six benefits for your health that come from eating chocolate.
teatox, social media, culture, health, May Loonam, Kettle Mag
The social media teatox
May Loonam looks at the Teatox trend and how social media is driving it.
LGBT, pride, sexuality, Stephanie Hallson, Kettle Mag
Should other people’s sexuality really matter anymore?
It’s 2017 and Stephanie Hallson argues why other people’s sexuality should not be an issue anymore.
bottles, kettle mag,
How to spot an alcoholic (7 sneaky signs)
Does someone you know have a drinking problem? Find out now!
safety pants, kettle mag
What 'Safety Pants' really mean for women
Martia Dimmer considers the implications of the recently introduced Safety Pants, and their implications for women.
Cotswold, food and drink, lifestyle, Laura Brown, Kettle Mag
Review: Cotswolds Cook Book
Laura Brown takes us through the highlights of The Cotswolds Cook Book and lets us in on some of the secrets of the Cotswold foodie world.
single life, relationships, Beth Thomas, Kettle Mag
Why I love the single life
Beth Thomas tells us why she loves being single.
friendship, university, best friend, student life, Jasmine Parr, Kettle Mag
5 tips to keep your close friendship strong at uni
Jasmine Parr gives advice on how to keep your relationship with your best friend intact while you're at uni.
flower, Spring, seasons, life, Jasmine Parr, Kettle Mag
Spring has finally sprung
Jasmine Parr explains why Spring is her favourite time of the year.
travel, Q&A, world, journey, Laura Brown, Kettle Mag
Around the world with Laura Brown
Festivals Editor Laura takes part in our travel Q&A and gives us an insight into her journeys across the world.