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The Last Royal Capital
Kinga Szilagyi does a follow up on the rest of her trip to Myanmar in February.
The flatform trend and how to wear it
Have a look at this trend...
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Beirut
Lebanon: Gateway to the Middle East
How to start travelling the Middle East, as a student
graduate, student life, transition, Alex Ramsden, Kettle Mag
The end of the student experience
Alex Ramsden reflects on the transition from student to post graduate, and what happens from here.
collaboration, creativity, networking, Nour Hassaine, Kettle Mag
How the Ssshake app can help you network
Nour Hassaine looks at the new app Ssshake and what it means for creativity and collaboration.
furniture prenup, kettle mag
Adding to the list of weird prenuptial agreements – The “furniture prenup form”
The Furniture Market, have introduced a “furniture prenup form” – suitable for anyone worried about the potential of losing their most prized possessions during a break up. 
dissertation, university, student life, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Five tips for a quality dissertation
Need some help developing a quality dissertation? Alex Veeneman has some advice.
tattoo removal, kettle mag,
The basics of tattoo removal
Tattoo Removal seems like a very normal and common procedure these days, but does everyone know exactly what’s happening when you’re removing your tattoo?
travel, gap year, time, Holly Barry, Kettle Mag
When is the right time to take a gap year?
Holly Barry gives her opinion to when it's the right time to take a gap year.
Rainbow over beach
LGBT+ Friendly Holiday Destinations
LGBT Editor Abigail Porter tells us where in the world is LGBT friendly for holiday spots.