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kettle mag,cheating
Why reputable casinos don’t need to cheat
The thought that online casinos are cheating players isn’t new
Kettle Mag, Festival, Lauren Wise, Hope & Glory Festival
Hope & Glory Festival: 'A festival of anthems'
Lauren Wise speaks to festival co-owner Lee O'Hanlon to see what Liverpool's latest city festival has to offer.
Barn on the farm, festivals, culture, Laura Brown, Kettle Mag
Festival news update
Festival season is creeping ever closer. Here's what you might have missed in the latest festival updates.
Kettlemag, Tom Earnshaw, eSports
The professional eSport players
Tom Earnshaw explores the monetisation of playing computer games.
camera, photography, Emory Hall, Stephanie Hallson, Kettle Mag
Emory Hall: My favourite photographer
Stephanie Hallson explains her love for Emory Hall, and why everyone should appreciate her work.
KettleMag, Favourite Books, Stephanie Hallson
My top 10 favourite nonfiction books
Stephanie Hallson explains why she loves these ten non-fiction books and why you should too.
Ben Marwood, Get Found, Album, Review, Music, Kettle Mag, Laura Brown
Album Review: Get Found by Ben Marwood
Ben Marwood is back with new album Get Found. Festivals editor Laura Brown gave it a listen and shares her thoughts on the singer-songwriter's latest release.
Yooka Laylee review - The Nostalgia Hits Hard
Playtonic Games have hit a note with Yooka-Laylee and it is a good one. As a gamer, I grew up with
books, second hand, new, culture, Laura Noakes, Kettle Mag
Second hand versus new books
Laura Noakes considers the pros and cons of second hand and new books - and if one is preferred over the other.
film, middle class, United States, essay, Liam Taft, Kettle Mag
Get Out and horror’s obsession with suburbia
Film editor Liam Taft takes a look at four films that explore America's middle-class nightmare.